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November 16, 2007



I love this blog. As a young father of a 2 yr old boy I feel like I have lived or will live through a lot of the experiences you are talking about. I too feel conflicted about dropping him off 5 days a week. It does feel strange. At first it was just two or three days, plus a day or two with his grandma, depending on everyone's schedules. Now we have a routine in the morning, which involves breakfast, getting dressed, fighting getting dressed, maybe watching kitty and puppy dog (milo and otis) or going for a walk, all so i can scramble to get him there late at 9:30. And as I walk out the door, sometimes with the image of him screaming bloody murder, sometimes with him just waiving and cavorting with the other kids in day care, I always ask myself is this about me or him? Are we doing this for us or for him? I have to admit the freedom is nice, but there is another part to it as well, when we don't go to school, and he stays home, sick or just because, I get the impression that he wants to be at school, that there is something a 30yr old just cannot provide a 2yr old-- there is no chance to negotiate, to discover, with me he knows he only has to ask politely--there are few surprises. But when he comes home from school there are always new words, new gestures or interests, good and bad. One room schoolhouses are good, but I think I am raising my son to live in a world that will require a different sort of self-reliance. The kind that I think somedays he is getting at school, and he will need long after I am gone and the world is his.

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