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November 19, 2007



I concur.
Getting something 'done' is far more important then getting it done in a certain way.
Teaching boys to wipe!?!?
It makes one shudder.


I do the "as if" thing with my friends all the time. And when things get tough, I dig down and deal with it. I hate whiners. And guess what? I'm a woman. These things aren't unique to males, by a long shot.


Oh, and I could give a sh*t where I wipe my hands after I wash them! I don't care about eating out of cans. Hell, I've been known to go down to the garden on a hot day and tear apart a watermelon on the spot! Again, not a uniquely male way of being, by far. The world is full of non-prissy women who aren't afraid to defy social niceties and enjoy being crude little savages now and again.

Sadly, this kind of "letting go" is heavily discouraged in girls and women. They are under great pressure to be demure and proper at all times, and criticized mercilessly for things that would be laughed off in a male.. It's really too bad.


Good to hear your perspective, Nina. It's true that the "as if" is not just for men. And anyway, I wouldn't want to argue with anyone who tears apart watermelons with her bare hands! That sounds awesome.

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