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So, I was looking around on alibris.com (full disclosure, this is the company I work for) for the different versions of Proust and this book came up: Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain (http://bit.ly/p5aOzn). Now I can't recommend this book because I haven't read it, but from the synopsis it seems to talk about the same idea as your Brain Bugs. I found that sort of curious.


I had the opposite reaction to the phrase "Proust Six-Pack." I took delight in the unlikely juxtaposition of Proust and beer, and was immediately visited by the thought of chugging Proust, which made me smile.


Ha. That's a much more healthy reaction! Another member in the group said she immediately thought of 6-pack in the sense of "muscled torso" (as she put it), which is even more difficult to match up with Proust than chugging beer.

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