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jaimey the buzz kill

well, i wouldn't say "completely" claptrap -- but i do agree that 300 million+ pageviews and the many imitations of gangnam sytle is a definite fly in the ointment of your optimism.


4. Theater as an aquarium
....I personally would like to see what Proust would do with the morning drop-off line at Ecole Bilingue: the row of orange cones; Doug in his suit and thick glasses; long-haired, elegant Thiery studiously ignoring any eye to eye contact; the eager volunteer parents leaning in to open your car door and the shock of embarrassment they feel when they do...

What about you?

My answer: ABSOLUTELY ... I cherish our ability to create stunnings things from our daily life, create beauty and fantasy !

Let's imagine the parents' morning drop-off as the following:

We are every day in a Brazilian Rio de Janeiro style ( or Carribean) music carnival, slowly progressing through the orange cones on a magnificent music vibrating avenue with each of our cars (each of the "parade trucks" representing our family or little tribute: beautifully and individually decorated), culminating in the drop off of our kids at the end of the Carnaval Parade ...

Do you see yourself every morning like that ?

Of course a modern Proust would describe this in a much better way than I do above with my poor English! But just the idea makes me smile ...

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