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Okay, this is weird. I found your sentence on page 241 of my edition (NRF Gallimard):

"... et Morel était le fils de ce vieux valet de chambre qui m'avait fait connaître la dame en rose et permis, tant d'années après, de connaître en elle Mme Swann."

I can also see the next sentence you mention:

"M. de Charlus recommença au moment où la musique finie, ses invitée prirent congé de lui, la même erreur qu'à leur arrivée."

But there is 36-line paragraph between the two!

Now, I am curious... did the translator forget a paragraph? It's a juicy one too. Mme de Verdurin screams at Saniette to leave her salon. It makes him Saniette so upset that he has a near-fatal heart attack on the way out. Does that ring a bell? Is that scene in the English edition?



Yes, it is, but only at the end.

In our Modern Library English translation we have an asterisk at our stopping point on p. 353. It sends us to the "Addenda" at the back of the volume, where we find the following, somewhat mysterious note:

Page 353. There is an additional passage here, isolated by the Pléiade editors at the foot of the page. Saniette reappears further on (pp. 436-39).

"Pretty well played, what!" said M. Verdurin to Saniette... [and here three long paragraphs follow, ending with the line: "He lived for another few weeks, but only intermittently regaining consciousness"].

So for some reason, Lucie, the multiple English translators and editors decided that this passage on Saniette does not belong in the main body of the text but was inserted incorrrectly by the Pléide editors.

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