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October 30, 2007



Dancer: I can only make her move clockwise AND why does she have a nipple?

Labels: We don't fall into this trap... not because we are superior in any way, but because we have no point of reference. I was the youngest and wife was an only child. Our combined exposure to kids was statistically negligible. This means that when people ask us how Ivan is, we don't really have an answer other then... he's a good baby.


I see it spinning eeithr way. I've seen this several times before, one time I see it spinning left, and the next time I'll see it spinning right. I can also see it spinning both ways at the same time if I stare at it for a bit, and it will even do other odd stuff if I keep staring. I can also make her switch sides if I want to.I don't put much store in this thingy anyway, I've had much more elaborate tests done that also determine which half of my brain is dominant (left is what came out), and I can't even be sure how trustworthy those are.I don't mind spinning things per se, but I generally dislike staring at a screen with small areas of movement constantly going on (like this thing or moving advertisements or moving avatars).

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