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October 25, 2007



This post reminded me of an article I read in Salon a little while ago:
How would you approach the issue of drug use with your 12 year old who wants to know? (Just pretend for the sake of argument that you once used some drugs)


I plan to tell the truth about my drug use -- and drinking. Stories of the stupid things I did, like driving drunk, will I hope scare my kids!

And in terms of the pleasurable things I did -- getting high with friends, drinking myself stupid at parties occasionally (but not driving) -- well, I won't brag about it...

But if they ask about my experiences I will tell them all my concerns and my understanding of the pleasures too. I think by being honest with them my worries will have more credibility.

One thing that has always bothered me about smoking marijuana is the fact that it requires breaking the law. I believe in following the law, whenever possible. It's tied to my respect for citizenship and the democratic process. So I want to talk to them about this form of dishonesty -- law-breaking -- and make them think about when and how we break the law, for noble reasons of civil disobedience and also sometimes because of more selfish concerns. I want to impress on them how significant this is, even if they (like me) choose to do it anyway, regretfully, with respect to illegal drugs.

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