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December 21, 2007


Robin Rifkin

Great column, Tom. Top drawer, insightful analysis. But I do think you missed something key in Hillary's Christmas message that speaks volumes about her campaign's style, and its presumption. Doesn't it bother you that in her video, each of the key issues she's tackled on the stump is presented-- as if to the American people-- as a complete, gift-wrapped solution? I mean, we’re talking about “Universal Health Care,” and “Middle Class Tax Breaks,” neatly wrapped and tied with a bow. As if she can, at her will, simply deign to provide us with these comprehensive bundles of goodness. Without years of polling and research, without bilateral cooperation or negotiation, without compromise, indeed without effort of any kind. I find it incredibly arrogant, as if she’s got a magical Santa-like ability and willingness that no other chief executive would have … almost a divine right. I'm not typically a Hillary basher, but to me her message is patently offensive.

My thoughts. Keep up the great work.



That is very true, Robin. Very true. Thanks for pointing that out...

She seems to have an image of herself as a hero in an age when we're with Tina Turner on that one!

Amaury de Buchet

Hi Tom,

Tx for your Xmas card ... next year a XMas video ? With such a benchmark ... what would be your style like ? I need to buy your DVD to get some more clues :) On my side I was not a big fan of McCain as in my opinion repeateadly reminding everybody he was a POW looks like it's his most bounding feature ... and in our French view it is for others to put such bravery forward, not his. I enjoyed Romney's "real" feeling, cringed at Hillary's, liked Rudy's "casual" off frame remark, and was disappointed by Barack's tensed setting. If you remember the videos of our presidential candidates (see links below) last year ... we could use some pros like you :) And last, the humour of the last video was a bit lost on me, particularly because it was too long and lacked a climax/chute.
You're always welcome here, and perhaps you could be a jury at the family film festival in April ?
Say hello to your wife and kids for us.
Segolene Royal's wishes for 2007 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ET7s5Qe7SE
Nicolas Sarkozy's wishes for 2007 :


So great to get a comment from you!
It is one of my highest aspirations to be a member of the jury at the Morvillars film festival some day. This April, alas, my entourage will not be able to accompany me there -- and of course I do not go anywhere without my entourage...
But my entourage sends you and yours much love.

Yes, perhaps the "tree" comedy video lacks structure. But it is the inane repetition of the word that gets to me -- and the completely fake and yet heartfelt commitment to the season's rituals.

I like the directness of the French presidential candidates compared to ours -- but it does look as if your politics is drifting in the media-driven American style... One weird benefit (amid all of the disasterous consequences) is that you get to watch politics both for issues and for pure entertainment value! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that it's not a reality show on TV and the stakes are so high.

Have a wonderful new year's eve, and a beautiful year ahead (I trust you will)!

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