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December 20, 2007


roxanne taylor

Thank you so much for your insight and history lesson. I totally agree with you, the time is now and Barack Obama is the great person to nudge us into the right direction.


A pen is mightier than a PAC. Your endorsement narrative proves that point once more.

virginia sorenson

It is always extremely gratifying to read the thoughts of another person and find them totally in tune with your own. It satisfies a very deep human need for validation.

Lincoln has been my hero since childhood. I grew up in Illinois in a city where he delivered one of his most important speeches of the Lincoln/Douglas debates.

Even one hundred years later his words penetrate the soul, and he, like Barack, seems so familiar, so accessible.

I have been blogging on the Obama website, preaching the same message, that the process of Obama's thinking is what qualifies him for the presidency, that he is in possession of an intelligence that makes any suggestion that we consider his resume as a deciding factor in voting for him as shortsighted and foolish.

Thank you for writing this article.

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