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June 03, 2008


Shannon Carey

Tom Clyde.

Do you remember me? I saw your post in the Andover bulletin, with a reference to your blog, so I decided to visit, and have read a few of your insightful and touching posts. I plan to catch up and read more. I live in Oakland, and would love to reconnect. I am thinking about your wife and your beautiful family and wondering how you all are doing. Cancer sucks. I would be honored to be of support.

Shannon (Rachel Laro's old roommate!)


Hello Tom,

We think about you and Coley and the kids a lot and extend once more our warmest thoughts and embraces.
I recently saw an info you might be interested in :
Google just launched a widget that allow you to access and search political speeches on YouTube, indexing a transcript of the spoken words (using an advanced speech-to-text technology).
All the best to you,


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