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September 24, 2011


Diane Stavrum

I've been surprised that "press" doesn't get S.S. Hilary Clinton to say more, especially for Obama. She said she's not ever running for P. so why not come out and verbally support him. Maybe she has...I have yet to see the report.

B.O.has far more sense than to be a bombastic podium sounder; his integrity will be one of his greatest advantages I think. He has never made me not proud of the him as US President!


My applause for participating in the best thing America has the freedom to support your cafdididate and to vote. The Republican party hasnot taken the high ground; obstructionist tactics, bad mouthing, et c.
They followed a fairly large number of people who
are anti -science,and against religious freedom (unless it is their religion).
Ps There are some real jerks,but not thugs, thanhkfully. Keep up the good work

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